About Mindy Shear

Mindy Shear was the first to  introduce  airbrush  makeup and semi-permanent  eyelashes  into  Canada. She has since designed a complete high-end mineral makeup collection which is a luxurious treat for the skin.

Mindy has been playing with brushes and painting faces for 25 years. Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Mindy graduated from Concordia University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Since then, she has pursued many artistic avenues, including painting, sculpture, ceramics, fashion, design and extensive travel. At a young age she started out in a small hair salon but always wanted her own space. Today, she has created a world of beauty, in her studio where she can create and play.

Having studied art history she believes in seeing and expressing the inner beauty in everyone. It comes as no surprise that Mindy approaches every client as one would a blank canvas. Each requires a different palette with so many beautiful possibilities. Her passion for makeup as an art form has propelled her to cultivate not only a collection, but an entire domain of sensory experiences.

Her client base and company expanded quickly and Mindy has since been working with Montreal’s elite. She now caters to a celebrity clientele including radio, film, TV, sports and fashion personalities, internationally. Nominated for the “RBC Woman Entrepreneur of the Year” and a participant in the CBC national reality show “Dragon's Den”, Mindy’s makeup tips can be found on www.youtube.com, www.vimeo.com and her own website.

Mindy is continuously sponsoring a vast variety of worldwide charities and events such as: Montreal, Toronto, and New York Fashion Weeks. As a high-profile makeup artist, a few of Mindy’s contracts include Brown's Fashion Show, a corporate video for the President of Standard Life, multiple Clients / Events, photo shoots and bridal makeup. She is currently working on the TV show.  Mindy is currently consulting regularly on www.Shopgirlmtl.com, a high-end guide to shopping in Montreal.